•  ST86/ST16/ST12 Special car charger
ST86/ST16/ST12 Special car charger

Product Introduction

Rated output current: foot 1.5A
Output power: 18W
Output voltage interface form: 3.5*1.35
Output power line length: conventional 1 meters
Product solutions: original authentic foot Anzhu power built-in MOS tube current DC chip.
Chip introduction: the original authentic DC power conversion chip, directly to realize voltage constant current constant voltage short circuit protection function, is a kind of high current vehicle chip suitable, different from other cheap car charging scheme. It has low power consumption, high efficiency, stable performance, low heat, can directly adjust the output according to your current product size, but also will not harm your baby oh!
LED display: single lamp power indicator for monochrome, plug the light said power supply connected, output voltage.
The product features, built-in intelligent IC protection and double protection of the safety pipe, overload, over-current, short-circuit protection, high charging efficiency, low heating efficiency, stable output voltage and so on
Car charger of the company's products are widely used in intelligent mobile phone, car audio, GPS navigation, tablet computer, digital camera, digital camera, digital photo frame, netbooks, e-books, car driving recorder, vehicle lighting and other vehicle electronic equipment.