Because of its superior performance, industrial tablet PC are often used in a variety of complex industrial environments, such as water, dust, oil and other harsh environments. The stability of the industrial tablet computer is good, and the user needs to perform some routine maintenance to maintain a good use state to ensure the use of the scene.




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So, what are the maintenance skills that users need to be familiar with during the daily use of industrial tablets? Can we better ensure that the equipment is working stably? Touch Smart as a strong manufacturer of industrial intelligent touch display devices, with a professional industrial tablet knowledge background, teach you three tips to apply small tips to ensure that industrial tablet computers maintain a better operating state.


1, to ensure the correct operation


Industrial tablet PCs are basically high-frequency and very frequently operated devices in any industry. No matter what kind of operation and function requirements should be guaranteed, this is the long-term stability of brand industrial tablet PCs. Basic requirements for normal operation.




For example, like a computer switch machine has a prescribed order, the same as an industrial tablet computer, it can not be reversed, otherwise it will burn out the machine, and it is impossible to forcefully remove the plug, which will also cause damage to the machine. And if you find that you still need to use the computer after it has been shut down, the industrial tablet manufacturer reminds you to wait five seconds and then turn it on again to avoid frequent operation to give it a little reaction time.


2, do a good job in equipment testing records and analysis


One point that needs to be highlighted is the need to constantly monitor the operating status of industrial tablets. The detection of various values under the guidance and technical support of professional personnel is the key to assessing the operational status and providing data for subsequent use. The key to the basis.




At the same time, check the use environment of the equipment regularly according to the regulations. For example, according to the instructions of the industrial tablet manufacturer, if the light in the environment is too bright during use, it is directly shot on the industrial tablet, so the most direct is the vision. The effect is worse, the display on the panel cannot be seen clearly, and it also affects the operation of the machine. Therefore, the industrial tablet manufacturers in the traditional industry have suggested that they should find a suitable location for the fiber to be used in order to better use and maintain it.


3, to ensure the professionalism of maintenance


On the other hand, what needs to be done is to ensure the professional maintenance of all parts of industrial tablet PC equipment. Generally, the big brand industrial tablet equipment brand association provides professional-level technical support in this respect, which is also the long-term industrial tablet equipment. An important step to achieve better performance and maintain a better quality.




For example, cleaning and maintenance is a basic work that should be carried out every day. At this time, industrial tablet manufacturers reminded that they should use special dry rags as much as possible. Industrial tablet manufacturers emphasize that if they encounter oil stains that are difficult to clean, they should Use a glass cleaner to wipe them clean, but be sure to use the amount of water that can not be used. Never let the detergent drip into the inside of the computer. Generally, just clean the surface of the case.