As one of the cutting-edge technologies, the Internet of Things is far faster than other technologies. It is mainly derived from its ability to collect and share data and data. This capability is widely used in automobiles and factories. As small as wearable products, the Internet of Things enables a series of devices to be interconnected and intelligent.


5G boosts the development of the Internet of Things and has spawned a hundred billion winds!


A well-known research institution in the United States has analyzed that it expects to have 24 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet by 2020, accounting for more than 70% of all connected IoT devices. Not only that, but they also expect nearly $6 trillion to be invested in the development of IoT solutions in the next five years.


However, these next-generation smart devices require the support of an efficient network to reach their full potential.


5G will push the Internet of Things to leap


5G technology is one of the most popular focuses in the world. His arrival not only marks a significant increase in network speed, but also marks that many related industries will usher in more possibilities in their development process, the most typical of which is the object. networking. With 5G's superior network speed, maximum network connectivity, ultra-low latency and ubiquitous network coverage, the Internet of Things will make a leap forward.


The data transmission speed is a prominent advantage of 5G, which is ten times faster than that of 4G network 5G, which indicates that enterprises can make decisions faster and more efficiently in the future. In addition, due to the increase in transmission speed, existing delay problems will be solved.


Smart City, Industrial Internet and Health IoT are three hot areas


At present, the application of the Internet of Things in China is mainly divided into three categories: industry, public and life. Among them, smart city, industrial internet and health material link are the main application areas of China.


Statistics show that in 2008, the market size of China's Internet of Things industry was only 78 billion yuan. By 2017, the scale growth has exceeded one trillion yuan. Experts predict that the market size of China's Internet of Things industry will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan by 2019. The impact of the megatrend will further expand the size of China's Internet of Things market.